About Us


One of a kind designs with heart

2% of each sale goes to animal rescue and sanctuary care. Watch our Facebook page for end-of-month announcements. And, all Charlotte and Piewacket creations are one-of-a-kind; You will never see your handbag anywhere else, nor your home decor purchase in anyone else's home! 


100% cruelty-free


Vegans can always shop here in good conscience. I never use leather or bone, and RARELY repurpose down*.

*If a pillow is stuffed with repurposed down, requests to sell only the pillow-cover are honoured at a discount. 


Starve the Landfills

Charlotte and Piewacket Designs are created with the big picture in mind. Being aware that single-use items are a huge contributor to global waste, all my creations are living a second time around! Even your delivery packaging is repurposed whenever possible.